Sunday, July 22, 2012


My treasured POSSE!

Saturday I ran the Mantua Dam Race. It was 5 miles around the reservoir. I was so excited to introduce my friend Tresa to our group!  Yeah! Another female runner to add to the strength of our group!

The course was loose gravely dirt. My legs and feet were definitely not used to this type of terrain. Mindy and I ran most of the way with each other.  My right calf was tight the whole stinkin way!!!  This was really weird for me. I usually do not need to "warm up" because I start out jogging so slow, that I use that as my warm up.  I got a piece of dust caught in my throat. I kept coughing and coughing. Mindy asked me if I was ok?  I even had a piece of gum that I was chewing, but just could not get enough spit in my mouth to wash the dust down. I was anxiously awaiting the aid station, so I could get a drink.

My friend Lisa hurt her hamstring.  This was not fun for her, or for any of us. I hate to see runners crossing the finish line in pain, and seeing a friend in pain was heart wrenching.  Lisa ran RRR with me, and she was so strong in Moab.  I thought that I was prepared, but RRR kind of put me in my place. But watching her run her different legs....she was ready, she was strong, and she rocked it!  So seeing her cross the finish line in pain and frustration.......well, I could feel her disappointment.

My goal was 50 minutes. I knew that this would be really pushing it.  This would be a 10 minute mile, right on the dot.  I was hoping not to go over 55 minutes.  My time was 52.51.  At mile 3.6 I started to walk just a little bit. Mindy started slowing down, and I told her to keep going.  I gave into the mental "you need to walk and take a little rest" voice!  AAARRRGGG!!!  This is something that I struggle with sooo much!  EEERRRGGG!!!  

After the race, I was walking to my car with Chris to get Lisa some Advil, and Chris ran into someone he knew.  Let's just call him "ultra running guy."  His time...31 minutes!  Anyway, he was saying that he thought that this was a tough course. He said, "I guarantee you that if this course was on a paved trail, everyone would have cut 1 to 2 minutes off of their times."  This was kind of nice to hear, especially coming from "Ultra Guy."

Ella, Jacque, Lori (Hey, my shoes are the same color as these cones!)
Jacque ran with Ella.  Ella kept saying she was hot and asking her where the finish line was. When JoAnna finished, she went back to find Ella (her daughter) and Jacque said that when Ella saw her mom, she perked up.  This is Ella's mom!  Who wouldn't perk up seeing that face!

Meet Julia Barrett. AMAZING WOMAN! She is 82 years old!  Mike, from Richmond, introduced me to her today.  She decided to start running when she was in her 60's! I see her at a lot of races. I was was glad that I officially got introduced to her. She is my idol.  I hope to be like her when I am in my 80's.  Watching her cross the finish line just brought joy to my soul.

Dam Race Done!
What an awesome way to start your morning! Thanks LooHoo for getting up
so early to run with your mom!

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