Sunday, February 19, 2012

Could you pick a treadmill just a little closer to me?

After yesterday's easy run with the Newbies (2 miles), I felt like I better at least get in 4 miles today. I woke up to Stinkin 8 inches of SNOW!!!  REALLY? This is not what I had planned. Shoveling the driveway and sidewalk is not what I wanted to do this morning.  I kept tossing back and forth, outside with the dog for 4 miles or the gym? I really wanted to go outside today, but knew that not alot of people would have their sidewalks shoveled. With the new snow, there would not be alot of "wiggle" room on the back roads. Planet Fitness it is.
I decided to run naked today at the gym. For my non-runner friends, this means  NO GARMIN, and NO Heart Strap! No expectations. hee hee  (Well, just to get in 4 miles)

I chose the freemotion incline/decline treadmill, the one that is clear across the gym. I started my warm up, and here comes another person and she got on the treadmill right next to me. REALLY? There were like 40 empty treadmills available, and she chooses the one right next to me? I really wanted a big bubble zone around me today!  Oh, and yes, this is the girl that the guy wants everyone to know that he is interested in her. GAG ME! 
After my 4 miles, I walked outside to my car and it was BEAUTIFUL! Sun was shining. Blue skies. Clean crisp air around me. EEERRGGG, I really wanted to run in this weather. While driving home, I figured I would get dinner going, then take Abby on a 3 mile loop.  Did not happen. Hubby and daughter were on their way home from a swim meet that was in St. George and I wanted to have dinner ready right when they got there.

 Maybe tomorrow.

Oh, giving a big shout out to  I am a blog stalker of this site!

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