Thursday, February 16, 2012

Goin' Green

Meet my environmentally friendly exercise bike.  It is super energy efficient. Does not emit gasses (hee hee). And it was a bargain of a price.  FREE!  Years ago, (thinking 10+ish),  Jim's dad gave us his old exercise bike. It actually has a cushy seat that fits your butt; pedals work;  handle bars at a good angle; straps on pedals so my feet won't slip; tension control; working odometer that I can either add miles or if I go really fast backwards, I can subtract miles;  and even has a timer that ticks and ends with a bell.    Love it. Love it. Today I did 12 miles.  Do you think I could squish it in the corner of my storage room any more?  Hey, it works, and don't mess with what works. Right?

Yesterday I tried the product "zipfizz."  I tried the grape flavor. Tasted like a melted purple popsicle that was super TART. The first swallow made me pull the "pucker" face. It was supposed to give me a boost of energy via B vitamins, and other stuff.   I think it did give me a little boost of energy.
Today I tried  a product from Synergy WorldWide. It was the "e g" energy with l-arginine, tropical burst flavor.  It was a free sample that I received when Krista, Jacque, and I ran the Thanksgiving Point 5k last year.  (We met a group of salespeople at breakfast in the lobby of the hotel we were staying at.  They were there for a Synergy conference.)  The flavor is icky. I could tolerate it if I had too, but just drank enough to quench my thirst while I was on the exercise bike, then down the drain it went.  I have tried their ProArgi-9. (it had vit C, D3, K, B6, B12, Folate, and a blend of L-arginine, xylitol, pomegranate concentrate, L-citulline, d-ribose, grape skin extract, and red wine extract.)  What this means to me is, it's another way to get some liquid vitamins.  You mix this w/water. I did like that.  Krista said that one of these made her sick.

My control panel
Is your  home gym equipment eco-friendly?

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