Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sweethearts for Sherry

God is our refuge and strength,
an ever-present help in trouble.
--Psalm 46:1 (referenced on a bracelet that was passed out by Beth in Colorado)

Today I ran the Sweethearts 5k with a few of my friends. This race was in Davis County.  The race name, "Sweethearts" I think was so appropriate for today's run.  Today my friends and I ran to remember Sherry.
Runners from all over the world, literally, participated in a virtual run in the name of Sherry Arnold. This was organized by her cousin, Beth at SUAR.

I enjoy running solo. It's my time to think, to reflect. It's my "Me" time. 

The date of January 7, 2012, will be etched in my mind.  This is the day that Sherry went out for a run, never to return to her family.  This is the day that I suddenly felt vulnerable when I run alone.  This is the day that no runner wants to hear about. This day changed how and when I run. This day changed many of us. This day changed me.

Today, collectively, we ran.  We came together as strangers and somehow left as friends.  I felt like today was a day that helped the running community come to terms with this tragic and senseless death.  I printed out bibs for my friends that were running with me today.  I also printed out some extras.  I had 3 extras. I saw 3 ladies, so I went up to them and asked them if they would like to run in honor of Sherry. I told them about the virtual run, and how so many people were running on this day.   After the race, I had one lady come up to me and ask me about it. Her name was Lori. She said that she had noticed that there were alot of people wearing this bib. As we talked, come to find out she has family in Cache County, and she actually went to school with my older sister! It was really nice to meet her. She took 1st in her age division. I laughed as she said that the older she gets the less competition she has, so that's how she places!  It was nice that she asked about Sherry. We talked for a while about Beth's blog.  

My new buddy, Lori.

As Beth said-- "We did it. Bad, mean people can suck it."

Although I did not know Sherry personally, her tragic story touched my heart. It made me concerned. It made me mad. It made me angry. It made me scared. It made me think.  Sherry could have been anyone of us. ANYONE!

I hate it when I get passed by a dog.
The race itself was good. I think I went out too fast though. Was not going for a PR, but ended up getting one. I had a double iced mocha on the way down (driving time a little over an hour). About mile 1.3,  I had to pee so bad!!!  This kind of put a damper on my speed, but somehow I pulled it off. Even taking a couple of walk breaks!   
In honor of Sherry.
Bananas, strawberries, oranges, and bagels awaited us at the finish line. 3 ladies from our group took home awards!!!  I placed 6th in my age group.  And yes, I earned a finisher's medal.

Our SWAG Bag.....Long Sleeve Purple Tech Shirts will be fun!

After the race, we went to Paradise Bakery for lunch.  I had the Asian Chicken Salad and Chicken & Wild Rice Soup. The salad was really, really good. I would get it again. The soup was very creamy. Lots of milk/cream. It tasted good too.   Thanks JoAnna for lunch. 

Today I ran to remember Sherry.
Today I ran to overcome fear.
Today Sherry was with each one of us.

Today I ran.

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