Friday, February 17, 2012


Took a friends advice, and decided to try the run/walk method today. I assumed that I had this feature on my GARMIN, just hadn't figured it out yet. And yes, I found it. Pretty neat feature. You can set it for whatever time span you want. I chose the run for 3 minutes, and walk for 1.  I kept waiting for the sunshine to come out this morning. 9 am, 10 am, 11 am, no sun. So I opted for the gym. I set the treadmill on the "terrain" mode, with my maximum incline at 13.5.  My total mileage today was 8.07 and did this in 1.35.57.  Disappointed with this time.  I did, however, make sure that I kept my speed at least at a 5.0 when the treadmill was on steep hills.  My walks were usually around 4.0. I walked another .50 just for a cool down.

I took a bottle of Hammer electrolyte with me today, and ended up drinking the whole thing. I even had to replenish my water during one of the walk breaks.

After the workout, my legs felt really crampy. I know that I burned at least 900 calories today. Last time I looked at the calorie panel it was at 850. At the end of my 8 miles, it was at 45.1. Which I have no idea what that even means.

I stopped and got a turkey foot long sub from Subway. Was only able to eat half of it. I was super sluggish and tired the whole day! I am sure that it was a food issue.  My body needed more calories, but I just didn't feel like eating! At 5:00 I realized that all I had had today was a banana in some orange juice, my morning hazelnut concoction, and that 1/2 of sub!!  DUH, no wonder I was feeling so dumpy.

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