Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pre Dogtown

Dogtown Half Marathon. Sounds intriguing doesn't. I had mentioned this race to my friend JoAnna, and she was hooked. A little more than me. I tossed it back and forth on whether or not to run this race. Physically, I was not prepared like I wanted to be. I knew that I could finish, but with the time I wanted? Not sure about that. When I finally decided that "YES" I was in, my hubby mentioned to me that he might be interested in walking the 5k with me. WOW! I had to slap myself silly to see if I was actually hearing what I thought I was hearing. So, off with hubby I go, and JoAnna........well, she was solo this time around. This will be Jim's first 5k!

This event was in Washington City, by St. George.

We drove down Friday night. First stop, the Washington City Community Rec Center for packet pickup. Luckily Ashlee swam there just last weekend, and Jim took her down, so he knew exactly where it was. They had a little expo going on in the gym, lots of different booths set up. I got the giggles when we were passing the 21-day Jump Start booth (promoting a Vegan lifestyle) and the guy in the booth next to them was eating a hot dog! It was just perfect timing! While waiting in line, I saw Byron walk in. I met him at the Halloween Half last year. He was part of our "Flinstone" group. I visited with him for a minute. It was fun to see a familiar face. After we got our bibs, we went to find where the 5k started. Always good to know where you are going. I was the navigator, and of course took us on the wrong road. But eventually, we found it.

After our wild goose chase finding the starting area, Jim took me to Cappeetitis. A small family owned Italian Restaurant. Jim and Ashlee ate there last weekend. Can I just say, Yummo!

 Everything was made to order. I had a green salad with the best cranberry vinaigrette I have ever had! I could taste balsamic vinegar, sweetness, and the tangy-ness of the cranberries.

  It was so good, that after I finished my salad, I used it as a dipping sauce for my homemade bread. For my entree...chicken marsela. Jim had sea bass. Both were so yummy. This place definitely is a treasure find.
 Oh, and the desserts......mm mmm.

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