Friday, June 10, 2011

Hydro Plant to McDonald's

Mindy, Cathy and I met this morning around 6 a.m. I was a bit apprehensive about today's planned run. It is around 8.3 miles. The farthest that I have ever gone is 7, and that was a couple of months ago.

We left one car at McDonalds and drove up Blacksmith Fork Canyon. We stashed some water bottles about mile 4 for us to pick up on the way down. Drove to the Hydro Plant. To our surprise, a suburban pulled in after us with other runners from our home town. We did a little stretching and then took off.

Cathy had her garmin on her, so that was nice to hear the "beep" marking each mile. Running with friends makes the time and miles go by so much faster, and for some reason, they don't seem that hard. MMMMM

I decided to take a GU before we took off. I like the Espresso flavor. Yummy Yummy. We seemed to be making pretty good time, a nice easy run. We never did find the water bottles. Kept looking for the 45 mph sign that they were by, but I guess we missed it. I did have my running belt w/one water bottle on it. Almost made it up the hill, probably about 1/2 way up started walking. Then took off on an easy jog somewhere at the top. I kept getting little pebbles in my left shoe! This was very, very annoying. There was one that I couldn't get out, about the size of a pin head. I felt like I had the "princess and the pea" syndrome going on. I think I'll put some velcro on my shoes so that I can wear those " dirty girl gaiters" if I want to when I run. I have the velcro on my old shoes, just haven't put any on my new ones yet. By the way......Loving the new Nike Lunarlon Running Shoes. Thanks Mike at Runners North.

Nice easy run. My foot did not hurt when I got home. I did ice it as a precaution. I probably should have walked a bit more after the run for a cool down. But I was in a hurry to pick up my daughter from her swim practice. I did not factor in the "drive time" into my run. No worries, she got ahold of her dad, and he was able to pick her up today.

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