Saturday, June 11, 2011

Utah Tri Today

Today I volunteered with the Utah Triathlon that was held in Hyrum. WOW! These men and women are AMAZING. Did I mention how AMAZING these people are! Swim, Bike, Run. There were two different distances, a Sprint and an Olympic one.

My assigned station was out in Paradise. I directed the cyclists on which way to turn. I was in awe as the first cyclist came sprinting around the corner.....then another...etc. I saw one of our local gals, "Megan" doing her thing. Her little sister and brother also participated. In fact, Megan & her little sister took 1st and 2nd overall in the female division, and her brother took 1st in the male division. What a dedicated family!

There were these 2 guys that as they went past me, all I could see was their legs! They were sooooo long!!!

After the race, I saw these 2 guys again, looks as if they were with their family. Short mom and daughter, average tall dad, and 2 super tall sons, and a little boy was pretty tall too. One of these guys actually came in 3rd overall. On the pictue with the males standing on the platform, pay close attention to how tall he is, and the platform height. They had him step down on the ground, so he didn't overpower Sean, the 1st place winner.

Where was I when they handed out the "height gene?"

I was also inspired as the last of the Olympic athletics came around the corner. The men and women who chose to do the Olympic distance did 1 mile swim, 28 mile bike, and then a 10k. I waited for him to cross the finish line. I felt kind of bad, cause the race people were taking down alot of the stuff, and most everyone had left. The only ones left to cheer this man on were the MC Cross Country Team (YEAH!!) I think I heard them announce his age of 67, and of course took 1st in his age division. It was so neat to see him finally cross the finish line, as I remember seeing him struggle as he pushed each pedal down the road.

What an inspiring day!

Megan and her little sister Miranda pictured above. Sean pictured below. Megan is 18, Miranda 13 or 14, and Sean 16.

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