Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tour of Three Cities

This morning I had a goal of 9 miles. The 2 gals that I was going to run with are both recovering from I was solo today. Debated on whether or not to even go. Set my alarm last night for 6:10 and forgot to turn it on!! So I didn't get out of the house until about 6:45. I had mapped out my route last night and decided to run the last part of the TOU half marathon route (Nibley, Millville, Providence) then back to Nibley. I have been waiting a while to run this, as the road has been flooded and I did not want to get my shoes wet. Finally, the road was dry enough to cross. This turned out to be 9.2 miles.

Beautiful and peaceful morning. Not much traffic out on the highway, which is good, cause I had to cross 4 lanes this morning!!! About mile 2 I was bored, bored, board. Thought about just going home, but decided to stick it out. At Maverick I decided to take a GU and maybe that would boost my energy and get me excited about my run. Washed it down with water, then realized that I did not have much water left, and I still had 7 miles to go! Decided to leave at least one and a half inches of water in the bottle. As I was cruising through Millville, I became road kill. Yes, Marc W. passed me on his way to the deer fence trail. He went straight and I turned towards Providence. Running from Millville to Providence is not that bad. It has a slight decline and at times I would run off the asphalt on the dirt so it was easier on my joints.

When I almost got to Providence, I remembered that their was a very popular park there, and I was pretty sure that they would have a drinking fountain there. I was right. It was nice to dump some water on my head to cool off. Since I got a late start, it was getting pretty hot.

On my way back to Nibley, I was very grateful for the mature trees that lined the road which gave me quite a bit of shade to run in.

Back to Nibley, and decided to make a strawberry, pineapple, banana, protein smoothie. Looks like I will be ready for the Freedom Run next week!

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